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Profil Portuguais

Comme enquadrement pour les investisseurs étrangers au Portugal, voici une analyse basée sur mon avis personnel et aussi d’autres, concernant l'environnement physique et socio - culturel.
Brève caractérisation (positive) du Portugal et des Portugais et aussi d'autres aspects à considérer (certains moins positifs)

A people very friendly
Often, don’t know how to say "no" when necessary
Very helpful, pleasant and attentive to foreigners
Sometimes they are submissive and do not appreciate what they do well
Corrosive humor, and sometimes cynical themselves
But they do not like to be caricatured by foreign
Quit life and without stress
Dangerous driving
Security – Very peaceful country
Important to know which areas should be avoided
Temperate and mild climate with distinct seasons
Different types of weather and microclimate depending on the country region
Low prices on housing, meals, hotels, labor
Advising and price comparison before buy something
Diversity of natural and beautiful landscapes
Searching for sightseeing tours, tourist offices and specific internet research
Excellent restaurants and great pastries
Asking for typical dishes tasting advice
Beautiful monuments, architecture, and solid constructions
Climate house must be improved in some cases
They know, or at least try, to speak English, French, Spanish or Italian
Sometimes there is difficult understanding between each other
Good skilled labor in several activities
Create a written assignment when hiring
Easy to identify with other people
Define deadlines to achieve actions
Serious people trying to fulfill their commitments
Sometimes being late on their commitments
Good general knowledge and skilled professionals
Fast integration only in a structured organization
Foreign friendly taxes to attract investments
Find an experienced lower with a good knowledge about foreign tax benefits
Simplified public services (Loja do Cidadão)
But other services like license applications are very delayed, bureaucratic, and confusing
Football lovers
The main sport with media coverage
Some civic and political participation
Lack of information and a little proactive action for common good
Proud of its history but at the same time they are a bit fatalistic
They do not believe in a better future due himself-indulgence and lack of courage